With Covid-19 case rates dropping nationwide, we are nearing a glimpse of a post-Covid future. Still, real hope for a new, new normal is carried by vaccines — effective, timely, and widespread vaccinations. After a series of unprecedented scientific breakthroughs, five different vaccines have been approved, each with its own mechanism of action, range of efficacy, along with logistical, supply, and cost challenges. Here we survey the leading vaccines approved for distribution.


The Pfizer vaccine, co-developed with the German firm, BioNTech, is a two-shot regimen given three weeks apart. This vaccine takes advantage of mRNA to transport genetic instructions…

What if an employer asks to see your immunization history? You may be thinking, what does this mean? Why is my employer asking for my immunization history? And, where do I find my immunization records? Don’t worry we’re here to explain why employers ask to see your immunization history. Plus let you know how to access your medical records so you can share them quickly and easily with employers.

If you have children, you’re probably used to submitting your child’s immunization records to schools, camps, and other group activities. …


OneRecord is a consumer-facing application that enables patients to access & aggregate their health data using standards-based APIs.

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